A Call To Skillful Africans

You are an African, a graduate, but you're still broke financially. Here is an opportunity for you

A Call To Skillful Africans

Are you an African graduate, or do you have skills that can transform your life for the better?

With all your skills, are you still broke and bankrupt?

Have you been searching for jobs that can enable you to work on your terms and be your boss? 

If yes, then look no further. Here is an opportunity for you...

WORKBAY is a registered and certified freelancing marketplace that enables skilful Africans to earn income by offering their skills & services to potential employers, globally.

If you have just one of these skills below, then be ready to earn money online:

1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

2. Amazon Web Service (AWS) Development

3. Mobile App Development

4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development

5. Website Design

6. Website Development

7. Data Analysis

8. Online Security and Ethical Hacking

9. Accounting and Bookkeeping

10. Writing

11. Editing

12. Illustration

13. Virtual Assistance

14. Video Editing

15. Graphic Design

16. Copywriting

17. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

18. Excel Management

19. Social Media Marketing

20. Independent Sales

21. Videography

22. Photography

23. Translation

24. Career Coaching

25. Audio Transcription

26. Voice-Over Acting

27. Delivery Service

28. Tutoring

29. User Testing

30. Survey-Taking


Please click on the button below to get started for free:

- Register a Free account on the WORKDAY Marketplace

- Build a unique profile to attract potential clients globally

- Create a catchy portfolio to win the hearts of potential clients

- For additional income, you can also create your Gigs/Services and sell them to potential clients across the globe

- Browse and bid for projects that will be posted by clients across the globe.

Come back here and thank me, when you start earning income.

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